Leave Behind an Honorable Legacy…and a Sustainable Future

We strive to help families remember a life more ways than you can imagine. That’s why we offer earth-friendly funerals. Because it maintains the most natural form of burial, a green funeral (also known as earth-friendly or eco-friendly) is the ideal choice for those who are mindful of the environment.

Eco-friendly and Economical

Since the majority of Green burials do not include embalming or any preparation process, or costly burial containers, they can be very economical. The body is simply placed in an eco-friendly casket, made from biodegradable materials such as select woods, bamboo and seaweed, allowing nature to take its course.  Some cemeteries even allow a body to be buried without a casket at all but rather shrouded in a natural material.

Go Green with Our Firm 

We are working to become certified by the Green Burial Council, our staff specializes in an array of earth-friendly funeral services, including: 

Burials with no preparation or embalming 
Private viewings without embalming or use of toxic chemicals 
Eco-friendly shrouds and clothing 
Eco-friendly caskets 
Burials without grave liners or burial vaults

Choosing a Cemetery

A green burial can take place in nearly any cemetery that allows eco-friendly methods of burial. Our firm offers several options that can help you ensure that your final resting place is both environmentally-friendly and honorable. Typically, cemeteries offering green burials follow these guidelines:

Offer exclusive green burial sections 
Prohibit the use of grave liners or burial vaults
Dig graves by hand rather than using heavy equipment 
Often plant trees or shrubs in lieu of headstones

Currently, White Haven Memorial Park is the only local cemetery offering green or eco-friendly burial options that are certified by the Green Burial Council.  However, there are a few local cemeteries that are considering eco-friendly options. 


What is a Green Burial?

Green burial is an alternative burial practice that emphasizes simplicity and environmental sustainability. The body is not prepared with chemicals such as embalming fluid. It is simply placed in a biodegradable casket, shroud or a favorite blanket and is interred without a concrete burial vault. The grave-site is allowed to return to nature as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Green Burial?

In keeping with your personal values, a natural burial site promotes growth of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers, in turn bringing birds and other wildlife to the area. Water is not wasted, nor are pesticides and herbicides used in attempts to control nature. Green burials actually promote the growth of natural foliage, bringing forth new life. That means the end of your life beautifully gives way to the beginning of another.